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Taunya Placed Oliva for adoption and chose Tim and Julie as Olivia’s adoptive parents. Olivia was born in April 2015. The family has an open adoption and just recently had their first visit since they returned home to Illinois after Olivia was born. Journeys cannot wait to see this relationship grow overtime! Read Taunya’s story as she shares her experience as a Birthmother and working through the adoption process with Journeys of the Heart. 

We are honored to have been a part of both Taunya and her daughter’s experience as well as Tim and Julie’s adoption journey! 

Chelsea Moore

Taunya’s story Part One

I am a very grateful birth mother. I am a single parent, 37 and found out I was going to have another child with someone who did not want to be involved. I was scared and sad. I did not know where to turn, as I did not want to consider other options. I knew I could not take on another child in the position I was in. 

For months I was in emotional distress; fighting with the thought on how I was going to be able to give this new baby the life she so deserved. I knew I would not have the support of her father or the support of his family. I knew the daily struggles of already being a single mom. 

I opened my laptop one day and started researching adoption agencies. I did not know much about the process and I wanted to make an informed decision for the life I was going to be responsible for. I looked at several sites and when I found Journeys of the Heart I saw they were a local agency with a family feel for clients and I immediately reached out to them.

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was at our first meeting. 

My adoption coordinator explained open adoption and helped to understand which options I had available to me. I went home to think about what kind of life I could give the baby, compared the life she would have with an adoptive family. I was able to be in control of each step. This was extremely important to me. 

Coming Soon Part Two!

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