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The Adoption Blog
Volume 14
Franklin's Mom

Stories by and about strong women that made the courageous choice for their children. 

From Franklin's Birthmother

  • “Dear JOH and Chelsea,

    You have helped me so much through this all, and I really do think God picked you out for me that day. The family and you was everything I could have asked for, and Franklin as well. I will never look back on this decision with remorse, only happiness for all involved. It's something that has made me a better person. Thank you."

    Franklin's Bithmother
  • "I want you to know how much I appreciate you and JOH. I appreciate you and the company and the family that now has Franklin, life is super messy but then people like you come in, and I could never thank you or express gratitude enough.

    Forever my thanks!"
    Franklin’s Birthmother


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The Adoption Blog

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