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Craig and Michelle's Story

We are Craig and Michelle and Marcus! Marcus joined our family through adoptions when he was just 3 days old. Adoption has been a true blessing to our family.

When we decided to start a family, it took us some time before we realized that adoption was the path for us.

After some disappointing years of unsuccessful attempts for a biological child, we began to explore adoption as an option for creating our family. After talking to Journeys of the Heart and learning more- About adoption, we felt excited and eager to create our family through adoption.  

We started with the Journeys of the Heart office in Oregon. We were so excited to learn that the birthmother had chosen us to parent her child! This was such an exciting but scary time as we prepared for the arrival of a new baby but also waited for his birth and the birthmother’s final decision. Journeys was great- About staying in contact with the birthmother and with us during this time, and she helped to put our concerns at ease.

It was such an amazing moment when Marcus was placed in our arms for the first time and we became parents. We will never forget the joy and awesome sense of responsibility that overcame us in that moment. It has been an amazing and wonderful adventure with Marcus since those first days and nights together in Chicago. What a miracle to watch Marcus as he grows and develops! 

We have been sending pictures and update letters to Marcus’ birthmother and we will continue to do so several times a year. We are always excited to share updates of Marcus’ life with his birthmother, the women who cared for him so well during the months of her pregnancy. We would be delighted to hear more from our birthmother, but we understand that this may be difficult for her at this time. We want her to keep whatever level of involvement is best for her and her family. We are open to letting this relationship evolve over time.

Marcus’ birth mother will always be a special and important person to our family. We are so grateful to her for entrusting us with the care of Marcus. We are still often overwhelmed by appreciation and love for Marcus’ birthmother. Her difficult decision brought us the incredible gift of a child. We love and respect her so much for this. 

We often tell Marcus about his birthmother and his adoption story. We made a special book for Marcus that tells this story. He loves to listen to us read it and he loves to look at the pictures. Our hope is that Marcus grows up with a positive attitude- About his adoption and that he knows that his birthmother is a wonderful and courageous woman and that she will always hold him in her thoughts and heart. 

We are also grateful to Journeys of the Heart, both for helping to bring Marcus to our family, and for its wonderful staff, who were always so helpful and caring. We feel that Journeys works so well with birthparents and with adoptive parents. The staff at Journeys showed concern and respect for all throughout the process. 

When Marcus is ready for a brother or sister, we will definitely return to Journeys of the Heart!

(Note: after this story was written the family added Calvin, by adoption!)


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