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Real Stories Of Women Who Made Courageious Choices


My Birthmother Story

Hi, My name is Chris and I was 26 years old when I found out I was pregnant for the second time. I didn't have a job, money, or my own home and on top of all that the father of my 4-year-old son was suing me for custody.

I knew that if my son's dad found out that I was expecting he would use it to his advantage. When I told the father of the baby, he abandoned me saying he had other plans for his future. I felt extremely helpless! My first thought was an abortion, actually that was the only option for me. Again, with no money and no support from the baby's father, I had no way of paying for it. I was stuck, so I thought.

I was six months pregnant and in complete denial that this baby was going to be born. I would lie on my bed thinking about abortion; this had become a daily routine for me, thinking, "there's no way I can have this baby."

At this point, desperation kicked in and I had to figure something out. As I was looking through the internet I bypassed the abortions to the adoption hits (isn't it ironic that they're both  "A" ? ). The facts were that I couldn't take care of this baby, I was risking losing my other son by having this baby, and I had no money, home, or job. The realization of my situation quickly sunk in and it was clear that I had to give this baby up. That's when I decided to call an agency.

The name Journeys of the Heart really grabbed me and they were the first ones I called. My decision had been made.

I spoke with Susan at Journeys and felt extremely comfortable with her. She was very compassionate. When I finished talking with her I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I knew from the first call that I was no longer alone. After meeting with Susan and telling her- About my situation JOH became my support. They helped me get through every obstacle I was facing. They paid for me to get into an apartment, paid for my living expenses through the rest of my pregnancy, David helped me with the legal problems with my son, and they had a therapist always a phone call away.

Thank You Journeys :)



24 Hour Birthmother Support